UnwiredPlaza.com is the destination of choice for those looking to source mobile media solutions – both mobile messaging and media tools and connectivity into most mobile networks around the world - that will help you win and retain customers, improve your business efficiency and generally put you in great shape to exploit the fantastic opportunities offered by embracing the Mobile Channel.

UnwiredPlaza.com Mobile Media Tool Kit includes:

  1. Mobile Marketing Solutions including Marketing, Contact & Relationship Management, Research, Polling, Competitions, Games and Charity campaigns

  2. messaging HQ: 2-way and Broadcast/ Bulk Messaging: Text Messages (SMS), MMS & WAP-push – online message broadcasting and reporting tools

  3. Mobile Internet/ WAP site builder, advertising & traffic generation tools

  4. Micropayments: Premium SMS, web- & WAP Billing

  5. Marketing lists & database cleansing (HLR Lookup)

  6. Mobile Content: including Games, Music, Apps

  7. Mobile Video: TV, Streaming & Downloads

  8. Charity Campaigns

UnwiredPlaza.com undertakes bespoke consultancy services for clients looking to launch new mobile campaigns or services, seeking new partners or simply wishing to validate existing approaches.


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